Biorepair® Whitening美白修護牙膏



Biorepair® Whitening是一款能使牙齒健康與亮白同時兼得的牙膏,貝利達亮白修護牙膏擁有Biorepair®(貝利達)獨家配方MicroRepair®納米微粒,滲透到牙齒表面的裂縫中進行填補,使琺瑯質再礦物化進而修復眼睛看不見的微細裂痕,同時PVP聚合物能產生一層薄膜阻擋著色物沉澱在牙齒上,並讓牙齒天天保持光亮。每天使用能令牙齒恢復自然白並且保護牙齒免受牙菌斑、牙結石、蛀牙的侵害。Biorepair®亮白修護牙膏榮獲2014年度意大利口腔護理產品類大獎。 功效: 1.納米粒子透過再礦化作用「真正修補」琺瑯質 2.修補方式令牙齒美白 3.PVP亮白因子能產生一層薄膜阻擋著色物沉澱在牙齒上 4.保護牙齒免受牙菌斑、牙結石、蛀牙的侵害 microRepair®的再礦物化作用和PVP聚合物的亮白作用互相協同,確保了牙齒健康和自然白。貝利達牙膏擁有創新技術,因為它適用於仿生學原理: 獨特的全新配方與傳統牙膏相比更顯現其獨特性;而貝利達亮白牙膏是先修復及保護琺瑯質表面,再亮白牙齒。PVP聚合物(亮白因子)成份,與納米微粒之間進行協同作用,可以恢復牙齒的自然白晰並且保護牙齒免受牙菌斑、牙結石、蛀牙腐爛的侵害。 產品規格:75ml/支 主要成分:microRepair® (琺瑯質奈米微粒)  鋅PCA(抗菌護齒)粒子 PVP亮白因子和琺瑯質再礦化,修復並使牙齒恢復自然的白度,並使表面更光滑,更有效防止被染色 「0%」酒精,氟及三氯沙等有害成份 保存期限:5年 (錫箔紙拆封後請於1年內使用完畢)  保存方式:請存放於室內,避免陽光直射。 注意事項:配合正確刷牙習慣。口腔如有不適或過敏現象請諮詢醫師。 產地:意大利 Biorepair® Whitening toothpaste provides both dental health and pure white effect at the same time, which has Biorepair® exclusive formula - MicroRepair® nanoparticles to penetrate into tooth cracks, repair tiny invisible cracks by re-mineralized enamel, while the PVP polymer is capable of producing a thin film barrier which can color the precipitates on the teeth and make our teeth to maintain white. Daily use can restore the natural white teeth and protect teeth from any plaque, tartar, tooth decay damage. Biorepair® Whitening toothpaste won the 2014 Italy toothpaste oral care products category award. The mutual synergistic effect of re-mineralization and whitening effect by microRepair® and PVP polymer, to ensure our dental health and natural white. Biorepair® toothpaste with innovative technology as it applies to the principle of bionics: a unique new formula comparing with the traditional toothpaste, which illustrate its uniqueness. Biorepair® Whitening toothpaste is to repair and protect the enamel surface, and then white teeth. PVP polymer (white ingredients) work between nanoparticles that can restore our teeth in natural white and protect our teeth from any plaque, tartar, tooth decay rot damage. Specifications: 75ml / branch Main components: microRepair® 15% (enamel nanoparticles), PEG-32 (white ingredients) Zinc citrate (antibacterial mouthguard ingredients) Shelf life: 5 years (please use within 1 year after unpacking) Storage: Keep indoor & keep from direct sunlight  Note: Please use with proper brushing habits. If oral discomfort or allergies, please consult your physician. Origin: Italy

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