Biorepair® Kids Toothpaste 兒童牙膏


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Biorepair® (貝利達)兒童牙膏不含氟及有害成份,即使不小心吞蝕也沒關係,所以就算七歲以下的小朋友不需要大人陪伴下自己也能安心使用。含氟牙膏使用過量會造成氟班牙、牙齒發黃、牙斑增生,而Biorepair®兒童牙膏是唯一含有microRepair®國際專利納米技術配方的兒童牙膏,能夠有效防止蛀牙,修護琺瑯質表層細微損傷,防止細菌入侵牙齒琺瑯質表面,一邊刷牙一邊修護琺瑯質,令小朋友的牙齒更強壯、更健康。特別推薦給因為戴牙套而導致琺瑯質脫落的小朋友使用,內含草莓粹取物,可以柔嫩保護小朋友的牙齦。 microReoair® (納米微粒)成份利用再礦化過程,滲透到牙齒表面的裂縫中,填補縫隙、進而防止酸蝕、降低牙齒敏感機率及牙周病、牙結石等問題。牙齒表面琺瑯質有很多眼睛看不見的小孔、縫隙,是引起牙齒疾病的主要原因。microRepair® (鋅 羥基磷灰石)是利用高科技納米配方所製成,由於牙齒的主要成分為磷和鈣,意大利波隆納大學環境生化研究所LEBSC研究出與牙齒成分相同的微小份子microRepair®,可滲透致牙齒表面細縫中,進行填補琺瑯質動作,修復琺瑯質的損傷。貝利達牙膏擁有創新技術,因為它適用於仿生學原理: 恢復損壞的琺瑯質表面,提供有效再礦化作用,防止牙齒受到進一步傷害。 產品規格:50ml/支  主要成分:microRepair®15% (琺瑯質奈米微粒) PEG-32 (亮白成份)、草莓萃取物    保存期限:5年 (錫箔紙拆封後請於1年內使用完畢) 保存方式:請存放於室內,避免陽光直射。       注意事項:配合正確刷牙習慣。 產地:意大利 Biorepair® Junior toothpaste DO NOT contains any fluoride and harmful ingredients, it does not matter if swallow up, so it needs not be accompanied by an adult even children who are below seven years old. Excessive use of fluoride toothpaste can cause fluorine Spain, yellow teeth, plaque hyperplasia, and Biorepair® Junior is the only child toothpaste containing international patented nanotechnology formula, microRepair®, which can effectively prevent tooth decay, repair minor damage to the enamel surface, preventing bacteria invasion of tooth, making the children's teeth stronger and healthier. Especially recommend to children who wear braces, it contains of strawberries ingredient, which can protect the child's tender gums. By remineralization process, microReoair® (nanoparticles) component penetrate into cracks in the tooth surface, fill the gap, thereby preventing tooth erosion, reducing the chances of tooth sensitivity and gum disease, tartar and other diseases. There are many invisible holes, slits in our tooth surface, this is the main cause of the dental diseases. MicroRepair® (zinc hydroxyapatite) is made by using high-tech nano-formulations. Since the main components of teeth are phosphorus and calcium, the Biochemical Institute of the Italian University of Bologna LEBSC developed tiny elements microRepair® with the same component of tooth which can slit in the surface of the teeth done by penetration, filling enamel operation, and so repairing the damaged enamel. Biorepair® toothpaste with innovative technology as it applies to bionics: recover the damaged enamel surface by re-mineralization to effectively prevent our tooth from further damage. Specifications: 50ml / branch Main components: microRepair® 15% (enamel nanoparticles), PEG-32 (white ingredients) Strawberry extract  Shelf life: 5 years (please use within 1 year after unpacking) Storage: Keep indoor & keep from direct sunlight  Note: Please use with proper brushing habits. If oral discomfort or allergies, please consult your physician. Origin: Italy

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